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Our full line of Flame and Gas Detectors offers customers a variety of detection technologies that are real solutions to their flame and gas detection applications. Every detector we offer provides customers with reliable service and long lasting field performance in the harshest of environments, all at the industry’s best pricing. While in operation, the full line of ESP detectors provide operation status information outputs to the monitoring and alarm systems they are connected to.

Upon detection of fire/gas event, the detectors transfer an alarm signal to the UPES Multi-Channel Controller, or to any other analog/digital signal control device, so that alarms can be sent to emergency response systems such as warning systems, automatic ventilation systems, sprinkler and deluge systems, and facility shutdown controls.

Flame Detectors

ESP Safety’s flame detectors have been designed with a superior flame signal processing algorithm. With hundreds of thousands of units deployed, years of development experience ensures accurate flame detection and immunity to false alarms. The different available detecting technologies – which include the multi-spectrum infrared, combination of ultraviolet and infrared, and the ultraviolet-only flame detectors – provide diverse options to meet varied application requirements and specifications. ESP Safety options ensure you are able to choose the right product for for the right application. All of ESP Safety flame detectors are SIL 3 rated and are offered in both aluminum and stainless steel housings.  Find out more about the different options to determine which flame detector is best for your application.


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ESP Safety’s Combustible Gas detectors are configured to report alarms when the gas concentrations in the environment reach each of three independently programmable levels, expressed as a percentage of the lower explosive limit (LEL) in the air. The optical (IR) Sensor is not dependent on the presence of oxygen in a mixture of gases and therefore can function effectively in environments where the other sensor technologies cannot.


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ESP Safety’s Toxic Gas Detectors are designed to safely detect and monitor a variety of toxic gases in the air, including hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, chlorine, nitric oxide, and sulfur dioxide, over a range of 0-100 ppm. By connecting the sensor to the detector, the Vector is programmed to automatically recognize a sensor’s gas type and gas concentration required for calibration. This eliminates the need of operator programming in replacing a sensor or changing gas types. Remote sensor allows the user to connect up to 500 feet away or install the unit at the site of the potential hazard. The Vector is able to control and monitor up to 2 toxic gas sensors.


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ESP Safety’s Oxygen Detector monitors oxygen level in ambient air or process applications and will alarm if oxygen level dips below 19.5% v/v. Our Oxygen Detector will initiate alarm when level of oxygen increases to prevent oxygen enriched atmosphere and reduce risk of flammability of materials and gases.


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ESP Safety’s UPES Multi-Channel Controller offers maximum flexibility to users as a standalone, independent control system that can also be interfaced to a PLC or DCS system. This advanced microprocessor-based monitoring system is compatible with all flame-detection and gas-sensor products offered by ESP Safety. Utilizing the analog outputs, 16 of ESP Safety’s detectors and sensors can operate in any combination. Utilizing the digital outputs, 480 of ESP Safety’s detectors and sensors can operate in any combination. The UPES can be used at any facility for monitoring and detecting gas concentrations and flame and fire conditions.


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