Flame Detectors

Durable and Reliable Detection

ESP Safety’s SIL-3 rated flame detectors offer protection for critical areas where reliability is demanded. With thousands of units deployed, years of experience in fire detection ensure that each device detects  fires fast while eliminating false alarms.

To provide early fire detection for variety of applications we offer three optical types of detectors:

– Multi-SpectrumTriple IR (IR3),

– Infrared and Ultraviolet (IR/UV),

-Ultraviolet (UV) only.

All ESP Safety’s types of flame detectors  have different flame detection range and application depending on the required specifications. The IPES IR3 and IPES IRUV flame detectors are recommended for fires that are hydrocarbon based fuel sourced fires.  The IPES UV flame detector is recommended for hydrogen based fuel sourced fires. The IPES IR3 flame detector has the longest flame detection range of 210 feet. The IPES IRUV detector has a flame detection range of 100 feet. The IPES UV flame detector, which is recommended for hydrogen based fuels has a flame detection range of 100 feet.

IPES  flame detectors have a field of view  of 90 degrees and come standard with a mounting  bracket and a rubber sunshield visor.  We specialized in devices for hazardous locations and our explosion proof flame detectors are rated for use in Class 1 Div 1 industrial environments. Each unit comes standard with multiple outputs  (4-20 mA, Modbus, relays, HART) and can be integrated to any addressable or conventional fire panel.

To ensure that our devices are continuously monitoring fire hazard,  IPES flame detector series have built-in self-test, detect if there is an obstruction within its field of view and can be tested in the field with a flame simulator test lamp, the ITES test lamp. The ITES test lamp is used to perform periodic maintenance tests and confirm the response of the flame detector’s alarm to a simulated flame once the detectors has been installed.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about which flame detector is best for your needs, contact ESP Safety, our representatives will assist you in choosing the best flame detector for your application.

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