Vector- Toxic

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Configurable to 2 detectors
save cost by monitoring 2 different gases in one location or use one display for 2 different locations
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Event Data Log
stored in on-board memory can be accessed via display or RS-485 Modbus RTU
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OLED screen
simultaneously displays a wide range of data including gas concentrations, alarm levels, faults and operational modes
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5 year warranty
Long product life with low cost to operate over time

Electrical Specifications

Power Requirements: +24VDC Nominal (+18 to 32VDC)

Power Consumption: 4.3 W-standby; 5.3 W-during alarms; 12.0 W-w/ heater on (temp ≤ 30°F)

Signal Output From Vector FCU: 2X +4-20mA analog output, Digital RS-485 Modbus RTU, Relays, HART

Alarm Relays:
3 User Programmed Alarm Relays (factory default setting: NO)
1 Fault Condition Programmed Relay (factory default setting: NC)

Mechanical Specifications

Ingress Protection: IP66/67

Operating Temperature: -58°F to +167°C (-50°C to +75°C) -76°F to +167°C (-60°C to +75°C) with heater enabled

Storage Temperature: -76°F to +185°C (-60°C to +85°C)

Humidity Range: 0 to 100% relative humidity, non condensing

Conduit Connection: ¾” NPT
2 connections for Sensors
2 connections for Field Wiring

Enclosure Material: Stainless Steel (Grade 316)

Dimensions: 7.50” x 5.60” x 4.28″ (190.5mm x 142.24mm x 108.71mm)

Weight: Vector with one PGU attached – 14.00 lbs (6.35 kg)

  • Offshore platforms
  • Land rigs
  • Shipping tankers, freighters, and other vessels
  • LNG/LPG processing & storage facilities
  • Oil & gas refineries
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Gas & electric utilities

Magnetic Wand

Used for accessing display settings and perform calibrations.

PGU-Protective Cover

Offers sensor protection against water and dust intrusion.

PGU Calibration Cup

Used in the PGU calibration.

Duct Mounting Kit

Monitors airflow in ductwork.


Calibraiton Gas Kit

Available for one or two calibration gases. Single Gas Kit includes Mid-Span gas cylinder, regulator, 36” length of clear flex tubing, carrying case

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